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Defining your Postpartum Village

As a new mother, it's easy to focus solely on your baby's needs, overlooking your own. But postpartum care is crucial for both your physical and mental well-being. This guide explores the concept of a postpartum "village" – a network of support systems that can help you navigate the challenges of new parenthood.

    Decoding Hormonal Messages Behind Oily Skin and Breakouts

    Oily skin is more than just a cosmetic concern; it can be a valuable indicator of what's happening within our bodies. Rather than viewing it with shame, consider it a resource for understanding hormonal imbalances. 

      Losing Myself in (M)otherhood: a Journey to Reclaiming Me.

      In becoming a mother, I met another version of myself I never anticipated. The one who hit rock bottom, whose heart was heavy, and whose panic was relentless. I was a silhouette of my former self, a reflection of Other.

        Foods for Hydration: Plantain Summer Salad

        Hydrate with food! Foods rich in electrolytes are essential for replenishing lost minerals due to sweat, hormone imbalance or nourishing another being. Plantains are a great source of potassium, and combined with cashews, ginger and lime, this salad all kinds of delicious tropical nourishment. 

          Mango Oat Parfait with Raspberry Rhubarb Coulis

          These will be the most exciting thing on your brunch table! Oats are fibre-rich complex carbohydrates, perfect for postpartum and breastfeeding. Chia seeds are omega-3 rich, great for reducing inflammation and for fertility support.

          Unravelling Hair Loss in Women

          What can trigger sudden or prolonged hair loss in women, when to be concerned and what can be done about it? Read on now!

            De-Bloating Grapefruit Celery Tonic

            Refreshing grapefruit and celery tonic recipe for de-bloating and digestive support, perfect for around your period, post-surgery fluid retention, or for postpartum swelling.

              Postpartum depression: you are not alone

              As women - and mothers - it’s time to start talking about Postpartum depression so that we can better support those who are about to embark upon this crazy beautiful journey of motherhood; or those who may still be suffering in silence. 

              These women’s herbs may be your next best friend

              These ancient practices can be effective at targeting PMS, period pain, supporting fertility, pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause, and more.