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Conquering Travel Bloat and Constipation on the Go

Traveling shouldn't mean tummy troubles! This post unlocks the secrets to conquer travel bloating and constipation. Discover how to stay hydrated, eat for gut health, and even use yoga poses to keep your digestion smooth sailing. Say goodbye to bathroom woes and hello to happy travels!

    How HORMONES impact your skin: diving into Dermal Prebiotics, Skin Health, and Stress

    The skin, often overlooked as an endocrine organ, plays a vital role in hormonal health. Discover how oxidative stress impacts health and skin, and the role of dermal prebiotics in maintaining balance.

      Foods for Hydration: Plantain Summer Salad

      Hydrate with food! Foods rich in electrolytes are essential for replenishing lost minerals due to sweat, hormone imbalance or nourishing another being. Plantains are a great source of potassium, and combined with cashews, ginger and lime, this salad all kinds of delicious tropical nourishment. 

        Stress Busting Celery-Spiked Guacamole

        Avocados offer delicious hormone support and can help balance cortisol, perfect for burnout, when experiencing anxiety and for women’s hormonal health in general. Try this twist on guac with celery for added liver support! 

          Quick Vegan Kimchi

          Feed the beneficial bacteria in your gut with this delicious and quick vegetarian kimchi recipe!

            Clean up your Skincare

            "I finally understood that my Endometriosis and so many other hormonal disturbances like fertility-related issues, may be due to a malfunction in our endocrine systems, overly taxed from certain chemicals".

            Use code WELCOME15 for 15% off first purchase