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Empowered Wellness

Hormones are a superpower worth understanding, appreciating and balancing. 

Our all-natural products, daily self-care rituals and guidance empower you to take charge of your well-being. Combining traditional women’s medicine and the best of modern technology, we leverage the magic and science of plants for hormonal balancing in our debut collection of restorative skin care and herbal infusions.


"We can’t get enough of the Sleep & Anxiety tea,

an aromatic blend with lavender, oat and chamomile.”

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"I use the serum daily, I really like the fresh, lightweight feeling."

Karine, 35, Madrid

"I don't know if it's magic or just placebo, but while taking the infusion, my period was less painful and lighter, so thanks."

Pleunie, 29, Groningen

"I am using the body balm daily and I LOVE it. Can't wait for the whole product line"

Victoria, 31, Amsterdam

"Quick note to say that face mist you gave me was the best postpartum gift I received, thank you!"

Giselle, 37, Bogota


Our Philosophy

SABI is a Japanese word that encompasses our whole ethos. It refers to the beauty that stems from age and the artful mending of damage. It is that which makes something more beautiful and valuable. We believe beauty and wellness come from within. We found a path to feeling well and beautiful that lays in enjoying the process and in practicing essential daily rituals of self-care. This allowed us to cultivate a deep appreciation for our lines, scars and cracks, both inside and out.

Responsibly Plant-Powered

Our all natural, plant-based skincare and herbal remedies combine ancient wisdom with the best of modern technology in formulations entirely free from any hormonal disruptive ingredients or chemicals. All our products have been reviewed and approved by medical and scientific experts including a Dermatologist, Chemist, Microbiologist, Herbalist, Naturopath and an OB/Gynaecologist as well as tested independently for safety. Our skincare utilises skin soothing, antioxidant botanicals from slow extraction methods and prebiotics for the health of the dermal microbiome. We work with small providers that ensure the best herbal quality, and a certified social enterprise for sourcing our infusions that actively improves the lives of tea-growing communities around the world. 

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