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Meet the Founders & The Story Behind SABI's Mission

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Empowered Wellness

Hormones are a superpower worth understanding, appreciating and balancing. 

Our all-natural products, daily self-care rituals and guidance empower you to take charge of your well-being. Combining traditional women’s medicine and the best of modern technology, we leverage the magic and science of plants for hormonal balancing in our debut collection of restorative skin care and herbal infusions.

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Calming Herbata Infusion Calming Herbata Infusion
Calming Herbata Infusion $28.00 $33.00
Our Calming Herbata restores harmony to your mind and body. Gentle herbs and adaptogens support your nervous system for relaxation, well-being, and restful sleep—foundations of hormonal balance and emotional recovery. Aromatic lavender, oat straw, and chamomile melt away stress, bringing peace to your cup. IF PREGNANT, NOT TO BE CONSUMED DURING THE FIRST TRIMESTER.
Prebiotic Body & Face Cream Prebiotic Body & Face Cream
Prebiotic Body & Face Cream $72.00 $84.00
A cult favorite, this face and body cream is rich in antioxidants and collagen-enhancing with natural hyaluronic acid. This botanical powerhouse in a butter-soft formula rejuvenates dry, dull, and stressed skin. Ideal for most skin types as a body cream, it leaves skin nourished, plumped, and glowing. For dry, dermatitis, rosacea-prone, or menopausal skin, this Prebiotic Cream is also perfect for facial use.
Active Nutrient Serum Active Nutrient Serum
Active Nutrient Serum $58.00 $69.00
This lightweight and silky serum is a potent yet gentle anti-inflammatory formula for skin prone to breakouts, hormonal acne, hyperpigmentation, and irritation. In just two weeks, users experience visible results.Packed with antioxidants and adaptogens, it shields against environmental aggressors and reduces inflammation. Skin-firming seaweeds improve elasticity, while dermal prebiotics rebalance the skin. Hyaluronic acid plumps from within, enhancing radiance. This serum is more than skincare; it's a self-care ritual that nourishes with nature's wisdom.
Reviving Face Mist Spray Reviving Face Mist Spray
Reviving Face Mist Spray $37.00 $44.00
REVIVE is your portable remedy for anxiety and fatigue. This blend of bergamot, sage, and water hyssop combats signs of exhaustion, restoring your skin's radiance. Natural fatigue fighters and seaweed peptides plump and minimise fine lines. Prebiotics and adaptogens support your skin's barrier, protecting it from stress. Keep REVIVE in your bag for an instant refresh. Ideal for travel, late nights, and long days.


From Women Who’ve Been There

When we experienced the healing magic of nature in our hormonal crisis moments, we felt an overwhelming need to share it with the world. The SABI was born from a deep appreciation of ancient traditions and the power of natural ingredients.Weaving plant magic and science, our hormone-balancing skincare and herbal remedies are designed to nurture body and soul. Welcome to a heartfelt journey of holistic wellness and self-care.

Our Philosophy

SABI is a Japanese word that encompasses our whole ethos. It refers to the beauty that stems from age and the artful mending of damage. It is that which makes something more beautiful and valuable. We believe beauty and wellness come from within. We found a path to feeling well and beautiful that lays in enjoying the process and in practicing essential daily rituals of self-care. This allowed us to cultivate a deep appreciation for our lines, scars and cracks, both inside and out.

Responsibly Plant-Powered

All-natural and plant-based, our collections blend ancient wisdom with modern technology. Free from hormone disrupting ingredients, each product is rigorously reviewed by medical experts, including a Dermatologist, Chemist, Herbalist, and OB/Gynaecologist. 

Commitment to Quality and Community

The SABI has a fully eco-certified supply chain. We partner with small providers to ensure the highest herbal quality, with over 80% certified organic, and 99.7% natural skincare. We source our infusions through a certified social enterprise, actively enhancing the lives of tea-growing communities worldwide.

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