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Cyclical Living Journal Prompts: for when you're feeling low

 Journaling to embrace cyclical living and nourish the body’s natural rhythm: try these prompts when you are feeling low just after ovulation and nearing your period!

    Baked Cucumber Tartine

    Try this delicious recipe for brunch! Cucumbers are about to be at their best, abundant, inexpensive, and full of electrolytes and trace minerals like selenium that the body needs post workout, around your period and for thyroid health. 

      How diet affects your PCOS

      While PCOS can never be cured totally, managing your diet can significantly help the severity of symptoms. Here is how….

        These women’s herbs may be your next best friend

        These ancient practices can be effective at targeting PMS, period pain, supporting fertility, pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause, and more.

        Periods don’t have to be painful

        After 15 years of struggling with PMDD, Holistic Nutritionist Hilary took her health in her own hands and found a more empowered and intuitive approach. Here are her top 5 tips for going from period surviving to thriving.

          Clean up your Skincare

          "I finally understood that my Endometriosis and so many other hormonal disturbances like fertility-related issues, may be due to a malfunction in our endocrine systems, overly taxed from certain chemicals".

          Hormonal Hijacking

          Hormones signal the most important phases in our body’s development and are an essential part of every stage of life, but it can sometimes feel like we are being hijacked. Let's explore the mysteries.

            Period Support: Double Chocolate Shake

            Periods usually = chocolate cravings and magnesium is probably what you are missing if you are craving chocolate. Magnesium can reduce PMS pain, but inversely heavy PMS can even be a symptom of magnesium deficiency.