Nurtured Mother (SABI set)

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Nurtured Mother (SABI set)

Self Care for Mamas in need

40 Tea Cups + 3 Months of Skincare

$174.00 USD $194.00 sale
The essentials for mums’ well-being in the first year postpartum.

Our carefully crafted Nurtured Mother Set enhances your well-being with 4 nourishing essentials.  

The SABI’s Nurtured Mother Set contains:

  • MAMA Recover Herbata - a powerful mood-smoothing infusion to support the rebalancing of those tricky hormone shifts during the first year postpartum.
  • Face & Space Mist - a refreshing, hydrating and skin-plumping mist essential after sleepless nights and for early morning wake-ups
  • Active Nutrient Serum - a powerhouse of fermented marine compounds for brightening, collagen, elastin to support tired skin.
  • Prebiotic Face & Body Cream - a rich botanical blend to balance and boost dry, dull and stressed-out skin after birth and beyond. 
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Nurtured Mother (SABI set)

Empowered Wellness

All-Natural & Vegan

OB/GYN Approved

100% Compostable Paper & Dyes

The Reviews Are In!

Get the most out of Nurtured Mother (SABI set)

Embrace the Magic of Self-Care

Morning Ritual:

  • MAMA Recover Infusion: Start your day with a warm, comforting cup of MAMA Recover infusion. Let the nurturing blend set the tone for a magical day ahead.
Daytime Delight:

  • Reviving Mist: Throughout the day, give yourself a gentle pick-me-up with the refreshing Reviving Mist. Feel the instant burst of energy and hydration.
Evening Serenity:

  • Active Nutrient Serum: After cleansing in the evening, apply the Active Nutrient Serum to your skin. Let it work its magic overnight, bringing you a radiant glow by morning.
  • Prebiotic Face & Body Cream: Finish your routine by massaging in the Prebiotic Face & Body Cream, enveloping your skin in a loving, hydrating embrace.
Pro Tip: Let these enchanting products be your daily companions, nurturing your body and spirit with every step of your routine.

The essentials for mums’ well-being in the first year postpartum.



  • Supports the body in recovering hormonal balance postpartum
  • Cycle balancing and uterine toning from traditional women’s medicine herbs
  • Eases cramping, reduces period heaviness, swelling and bloat
  • Stress and mood swing support with calming herbs 
Active Nutrient Serum

  • Powerful rejuvenating adaptogenic compounds for ageing concerns
  • Nutrient-rich, collagen boosting and stimulating seaweed ferments 
  • Improves skin texture and dark spots
Face & Space Mist

  • Energising, instant hydration for a refreshed look
  • Calms redness and skin-soothing with chamomile and calendula
  • Supports skin barrier recovery from stress, inside and out
Prebiotic Face & Body Cream

  • Active nutritive properties from dermal prebiotics for a nourished glow
  • Combats oxidative stress with vitamin C and antioxidant botanicals 
  • Restores ageing skin with sea buckthorn and potent marine peptides



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