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Our Top 10 Tips for Low Milk Supply

By Hilary Metcalfe  Breastfeeding is a beautiful, yet often challenging journey. It's not uncommon to encounter nursing  hurdles along the way. Whether you're a new mum or have been breastfeeding for a while, a breastfeeding...

    Grappling With Epigenetics, Intergenerational Trauma & the Maternal Line

    Our DNA isn't just a blueprint; it's a story woven with echoes of our ancestors' triumphs and traumas. Intergenerational trauma, etched through the science of epigenetics, can explain unseen burdens like anxiety or chronic pain. 

      Sangria Style Mulled Wine

      Growing up in Mexico, Hilary always looked forward to sweet ponche at Christmas. But since moving to Europe, she has embraced my German roots with gluhwein, or mulled wine. Now, she loves to combine the best of both worlds with this festive drink that's both warming and refreshing.

        Defining your Postpartum Village

        As a new mother, it's easy to focus solely on your baby's needs, overlooking your own. But postpartum care is crucial for both your physical and mental well-being. This guide explores the concept of a postpartum "village" – a network of support systems that can help you navigate the challenges of new parenthood.

          Losing Myself in (M)otherhood: a Journey to Reclaiming Me.

          In becoming a mother, I met another version of myself I never anticipated. The one who hit rock bottom, whose heart was heavy, and whose panic was relentless. I was a silhouette of my former self, a reflection of Other.

            Motherhood on Film

            Capturing some of the beauty and struggle alike, immerse yourself in our take on these quirky ruminations of Motherhood on film for a new perspective or nostalgic look back. 

              Postpartum depression: you are not alone

              As women - and mothers - it’s time to start talking about Postpartum depression so that we can better support those who are about to embark upon this crazy beautiful journey of motherhood; or those who may still be suffering in silence. 

              Top 5 Gifts for New Mums

              In this new and crucial phase, there are things she needs more than baby clothes and flowers. Here are our top five gifts that will support her in ways even she may be forgetting, her recovery, her energy levels, her nutrition and her sanity.  

                Use code WELCOME15 for 15% off first purchase