Is the "Summer Body" Myth Ruining Your Summers? Here's How to Fight Back

This summer, ditch the restrictive diets and punishing workouts! This inspiring post explores breaking free from the "summer body" mentality and cultivating radical self-love. Learn how to move with joy, nourish your body intuitively ,celebrate its strengths, and prioritise self-care. Plus, discover resources to help you reject diet culture and embrace body positivity all year long.
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By Paula Perdomo

As long as I can remember, my friends dreamed of becoming doctors, actresses, mothers, scientists. Me? I dreamed of being skinny.

Even though I have worked tirelessly to let go of this mystical unattainable version of myself, every year, as the days get longer and the air gets warmer, a familiar dread creeps in. It's the dread of the "summer body".  It sounds benign enough, a healthy aspiration, but the pressure to fit into a mould that focuses on appearance over balance and our inner state, ends up for me, and many other women, as unhealthy, and frankly, incredibly limiting. 

I mourn the summers spent obsessing over workout challenges, scrutinising diet plans, and feeling like the size of my shorts measured my worth. I long for family pictures that I hid in, or took instead of being in, that were moments of hiding, fearing my face looked too round or my arms too flabby. I remember painful car rides spent on tiptoes to "slim" my thighs and sunset runs, when my jiggle was less visible, to burn off that (double scoop) ice cream cone shared with my cousins while my family enjoyed the pool. 

The uncomfortable truth is, my drive was never fueled by discipline or a healthy desire for inner peace, self love and acceptance (which I now know is what leads to a healthier outside!)  but by shame and not feeling good enough. These moments leave me feeling enraged now! Why do I need to look "hot"? Why does the season come with this implicit expectation to conform to a narrow standard of beauty? It feels like a cruel joke, a constant reminder that my body is not just mine, but something to be judged and controlled. It isn’t kind and it isn’t loving.

This year, the script flips. No more summers (or autumns, or springs, or winters) sacrificed at the altar of a fleeting ideal that I’m now realising was never my own.

I'm reclaiming my time, my joy, my right to exist.  And I hope, with all my heart, that you'll join me. 

Breaking Free From the Summer Body Cult: My Personal Action Plan

Moving with Joy: I'm done with the guilt trips on the treadmill. I'm finding activities that make me feel strong and happy – dancing, swimming with friends, or taking a nature hike. Reconnecting with the playful energy of my childhood, I'm rediscovering the joy of movement without a punishing goal

Nourishing, Not Depriving: Fad diets and unrealistic calorie restrictions are out. I'm focusing on intuitive eating, listening to my body's hunger and fullness cues. Exploring farmer's markets for seasonal fruits and veggies, or maybe trying a meal planning service focused on balanced, delicious meals, is definitely on my summer agenda.

Celebrating My Body: While some self-affirmation practices might feelcliché, I recognise that years of negativity have shaped my self-image. Actively incorporating gratitude and positivity can make a big difference. Every day, I'm taking a moment to appreciate the incredible things my body allows me to do. Maybe I'll write down a list of what I love about it. Nude mirror gazing and reciting that list out loud is a confrontational self-love practice I’m trying out too.TBD. 

Embracing Self-Care: Getting enough sleep is key, so aiming for 7-8 hours a night for optimal energy is a must. I'm also finding healthy ways to manage stress, whether it's yoga, meditation, or spending time in nature. Surrounding myself with people who uplift and support me is crucial. When I feel good about myself on the inside, it radiates outwards and boosts my confidence.

Unfollowing, Unsubscribing, Unplugging: Curating my social media feeds with a critical eye is important. Unfollowing accounts that promote unrealistic beauty standards, and bombard me with "summer body" rhetoric, is a no-brainer. Instead, I'm seeking out influencers and content creators who celebrate all shapes and sizes, all types of movement, and don't promote restriction in favour of the "dream body."

Being the Change: I can't control societal pressures, but I can control how I respond to them. Speaking up about the unrealistic expectations surrounding summer bodies and talking to friends and family about this is important. I'm challenging diet culture by refusing to engage in conversations about weight loss or criticising my own body and by writing this article! (Thanks for reading ;)

This journey of self-love and body acceptance is a work in progress, but I'm not going it alone. To keep myself inspired and motivated, I've found some amazing resources that have been game-changers for me. Check them out – they might be just what you need too!


  • Jameela Jamil (@jameelajamilofficial): Jameela is an actress and activist who founded the "I Weigh" movement, which promotes self-worth beyond physical appearance.
  • Kelsey Miller (@mskelseymiller): Kelsey is a writer and body positivity advocate who shares her experiences and insights on rejecting diet culture and embracing intuitive eating.


This isn't just about summer. It's a lifelong commitment to self-acceptance and radical self-love. It's about celebrating the strength, resilience, and beauty of your body, in every season.  We are bombarded with images and messages that tell us we need to change. That our “best self” is thinner, more toned, richer, more popular. But the truth is, we are already worthy, and deserving of love and happiness exactly as we are. 


Born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia, Paula brings a global perspective honed through her International Relations studies and a love for storytelling to The SABI as their Marketing & Comms Coordinator. A bookworm with a particular fondness for Latin American authors, you'll likely find her engrossed in a captivating novel. Her fascination extends beyond the written word, though. Paula has a keen eye for fashion & beauty history and how it reflects the evolution of women's self-expression. She believes in the power of creativity, particularly through storytelling, for shaping a future where women can lead with confidence and authenticity.


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