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Top 5 Gifts for New Mums

Top 5 Gifts for New Mums - The Sabi

You were there when she found out she was pregnant and immediately sent her flowers. You were there when she was picking out baby clothes and bought a few items to add to the pile. And then, there may have been a baby shower. It was all about supporting the mum-to-be in a number of ways to welcome her little one. Now that the baby is here, the little bundle receives all the love, attention, and presents, which is great.

But now your partner, friend, or sister who just gave birth feels a thousand emotions all at once: her hormones are a rollercoaster. Her body is recovering from birth and exhaustion is setting in. If she is breastfeeding, her breasts are most likely undergoing a journey of their own from cracked nipples to blocked ducts and she may be feeling emotional or even frustrated.

On top of this physical recovery and emotional ride, she is now also responsible for making sure this beautiful and totally dependent newborn survives. The pressure is real. She is going through a lot, including working out who she is as a mother and woman now. 

In this new and crucial phase, there are things she needs more than baby clothes and flowers. Here are our top five gifts that will serve her more and support her in ways even she may be forgetting, her recovery, her energy levels, her nutrition and her sanity.  

Something for her recovery

By sending her a self-care package, you gift a much-needed pampering ritual.

For the better part of a year, she carried a growing person in her womb. Everything she did, she did with her baby. It’s no wonder that it takes some time for her to feel like herself again and adapt to her new world order. 

You may notice she hardly has any time for herself. By sending a self-care package, you gift much-needed pampering. We prefer all-natural and where possible, locally-sourced and free from EDCs that may be harmful to both the new mum and her baby. Choose items that do the best job of helping her look and feel beautiful, but are quick and easy to use. A short shower may be all she gets in a day in terms of self-care. 

Some of our favourites including a line we have created especially for this moment:

  1. We love the lightly sweet Nurture Perfume for mothers ffrom The Gray Label, which actually conjures the word 'nurturing' upon first whiff, designed in collaboration with one of our favorites: all natural and female-founded perfumery, Abel Odor
  2. When it comes to healing, The SABI created a postpartum recovery infusion and Wound Wash, which is made from powerful herbs that will cleanse, soothe, and support the new mum inside and out in the tender weeks after birth. 
  3. Consider a bar of natural and beautifully scented soap with a comfortable, washed linen robe in a chic kimono cut she may well live in for hours afterwards from another independently female-owned brand, tautanz

A dedicated moment to unwind 

Offer to look after the baby while she takes some time for herself.  

The changes in her body call for a session that will support her recovery. Be it a full body massage or a yoga session, book that appointment once she’s ready - physically and mentally to be away from her baby. For extra brownie points, offer to look after the baby while she takes some time for herself. 

A massage will get her oxytocin hormones pumping, responsible for helping her milk flow, feeling more at peace and elevating her mood. Yoga and light movement may help her to de-stress and increase energy levels while her body is still recovering.    

If in Amsterdam, we love:

  1. Renessence spa is an urban getaway where she can escape for a few hours and recharge with a treatment, class or whole experience. 
  2. For aches and pains post birth, baby holding and breastfeeding, call Albert Sola Renart at Postural Patterns who we have been going to for years for great body work, restoring alignment, lovely and therapeutic massage.  
  3. Having gone to over 10 different physical therapists, trust us when we say Floor Blijenberg at is one of the best. She can help with getting back strength and dealing with pelvic floor body recovery and more. 
  4. We especially appreciate the Cosmos, Delight and The New Yoga School for their gentle atmosphere and excellent teachers. Andreas' yin class at Cosmos is like being transported in a leaf cocoon on a silver moon lake by his deep base yoga voice. 


For a new mum, food means more than just a delicious meal. It’s comfort, essential nutrition and vital time saved. 

Gifting food is a no-brainer for mum. She is time poor and probably feeding multiple mouths. If you have the skill (or willingness to try), whip up a healthy meal or two for her, so that she doesn’t have to. 

Perhaps a big batch dish that she can freeze for when the cupboards are bare like this nourishing and delicious green soup with a protein boost from green peas and almond butter by one of our favorite chefs, Nina Olsson of Nourish Atelier.

Local, organic bone broth deliveries from Bab’s in Amsterdam make an easy base for a quick curry, blender soup or heated up quickly for easy protein and rich source of collagen (helpful for ligament recovery and tired postpartum hair, skin and nails) that she can drink on the go. 

For more inspiration - check out our instagram recipe posts which include breastfeeding support recipes and more, created by our own in-house nutritionist and chef Hilary Metcalfe

If you are not able to cook, open a trusty food delivery app and order her favourite dishes from a restaurant you know she loves. It’s a plus if you can find out what she missed eating during pregnancy and surprise her with it!

There are meal delivery services that focus on mum’s nutrition like Ritual Meals and Sakara in the U.S. or The Food Doula in the U.K., Nutrilicious and De Kraam Koken in the Netherlands. We especially love Chef Dominique Marsay and her beautifully crafted “love bombs for new mums”, from her fantastical space in Amsterdam, The Womb Room, available for pick up only and arrange via DM. 

Something she can keep forever

She will cherish anything that will always remind her of her strength in these early days of motherhood. 

This gift is for the creative ones amongst us! A new mama will cherish anything that will make her remember this early stage of motherhood, forever. Any item with a personalised element is the perfect touch. 

If it’s a girl, create matching jewellery for her and her baby - or for a boy, a keepsake for her to wear all day long. Perhaps frame a photo or (if you’re feeling generous) organise a photoshoot for her and her newborn to frame and keep on a mantlepiece. We love our like-minded philosophy lovers, Les Meres who do bespoke pieces of pearl jewellery and embrace the imperfections and celebrate mothers. 

A helping hand

One of the best things you can give is free.

As a mum who sacrifices her time and sleep daily, giving her a break from doing all of the dirty work will mean a lot. Grant her the precious luxury of taking a nap unbothered by offering to babysit, tidying up around her house, and washing the dishes she probably didn’t have time to get to yet. Get access to her to-do list and check off a few errands for a day. All of these are even more valuable if you do them before she gets the chance to ask.

Above all, be there for her. Your presence - either remotely or in person - is priceless.


Created as a brand to help women navigate the toughest moments in pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum — and practically every stage of life, the SABI aims to change the narrative around our hormones from one of taboo, embarrassment and loneliness, to awareness and even pride. Much more than a wellness brand, SABI offers a carefully crafted line of products to carry you through your hormonal journey; a set of rituals, supportive tools, and ancient herbal remedies that have been tested time and again by women and now, backed by medicine. SABI is a blend of science and nature conceived by women who have experienced the joys and deep implications of bringing a child into the world or the pains of a heavy and difficult period, miscarriage and difficulty conceiving. 

Here is an invitation to get to know your body and its cycles better and to really understand what is going on inside. Learn to use your hormonal cycle to your advantage no matter your stage of life, and know that you can always support and balance your hormone levels. Look for the right sources of information, know that there is help, and know that you’re supported.


Nikka is a copywriter and Associate Creative Director by day and singer-songwriter by night, based in Manila, Philippines. From creating commercials under an agency, she transitioned to independently collaborating within the music community, and now entering the beauty and wellness space with the SABI. Walking her dog + food trips + film photography are her favourite pastimes.

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Use code WELCOME15 for 15% off first purchase

Use code WELCOME15 for 15% off first purchase