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5 ways to ease into your next period

5 ways to ease into your next period - The Sabi

Many of us know all too well the emotional and physical discomfort involved in menstruating. While our cycles can aid us through verifying that we're not pregnant or through strengthening our connection to our bodies, they can also incite dread –– especially as we anticipate our cycle’s luteal phase, where symptoms like mood changes and acne may start to pop up.

The round-up of recommendations below strives to relieve uneasiness around menstruation just a bit, but it also serves to note that leaning into comfort on your period doesn’t need to mean accepting heavy period pain. For advice on minimizing menstrual discomfort, SABI co-founder Hilary shares her advice here. In any case, we hope this compilation of recommendations serve as somewhere to turn to next time you’re seeking warmth through film, fabric, and more amid your period. 



 1. Something to wear

OFFHOURS Homecoat or Tekla’s poplin short-sleeved sleep set

Cushioned by cottons and eco-friendly quilting, The Homecoat by OFFHOURS is set to hug you in no matter how unpleasant you’re feeling. For the warmer months, a lighter option like Tekla’s poplin short-sleeved sleep set assures breathable softness. Both pieces are machine-washable, so you don’t have to worry about really sinking in (or spending days wrapped inside). Plus, both OFFHOURS and Tekla offer truly stunning colourways that feel soothing just to look at, and each brand offers international shipping, too. 


2. Something to drink

Mama Recover Herbata 

While SABI’s Mama Recover Herbata supports those recovering from birth, it’s also built to save the day when it comes to period heaviness, cramping, swelling, and bloating. The signature blend was developed by a master herbalist and naturopathic doctor, and was approved by an OBGYN and microbiologist for safety, so its cycle balancing and stress reducing qualities are backed by experts. The product is plastic free, too, constructed with commercially compostable tea bags. Let this drink’s abundance of raspberry leaf and lady’s mantle –– which are tried and true remedies for women’s health –– show up for you and your period, with support from oat straw, stinging nettles, holy basil, and touch of Hibiscus flower elsewhere in the blend. 

A tip from SABI co-founder Hilary: Start sipping a few days before your period (during the luteal phase) and continue throughout the first and second day of your period to lighten flow and relieve onset symptoms and cramping. 


3. Something to watch

The Love Witch (2016)

Conceived by feminist filmmaker Anna Biller, The Love Witch follows Elaine, a modern-day witch who channels her magic to make men fall for her. However, once Elaine actually receives the male attention she strategizes, her desires change. Spoiler: ​​Elaine even buries the body of one of her love spell’s subjects along with a witch bottle filled with her urine and a used tampon. This film makes for the perfect period backdrop as it embraces the power of femininity (and comments on male fear of women, too), as well as the beauty of private space. All in all, the film satirically plays on the moodiness we might experience while menstruating through its aesthetically-stunning portraiture of Elaine and her witchcraft. Peruse your streaming options here


4. Something to listen to 

Slow R&B jams by female artists

Soak in tracks about love, lust, pain, and everything in between in this gem of a YouTube playlist. Artists range from Aretha Franklin to Destiny’s Child to Jhené Aiko –– there’s plenty of diversity in style among the 125+ titles to make for an interesting pool of song recommendations, but at the same time, the playlist also welcomes you to press play and let the soundscape unfold in the background as you rest, commute, or whatever it is that you’re obligated to accomplish on your period. 


5. Something to read

Period Power by Maisie Hill 

A beloved title in SABI’s own resource library, Period Power outlines how to approach daily life with the menstrual cycle and how to make the most of (or merely get through) each phase. Acupuncturist, women’s health practitioner, and doula Maisie Hill provides explanations that feel comprehensible and don’t lean on previous knowledge. Additionally, she covers specific scenarios where our cycles might look and feel different –– like coming off hormonal birth control, infertility, pregnancy, motherhood and the perimenopausal years. 

Though menstrual pain can feel impossible to resolve at times, we hope this guide provides a hue of comfort to ease at least one small moment during your next period. And if nothing else, there’s solace in knowing that you’re not alone in your cramps or emotional turbulence. 

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Use code WELCOME15 for 15% off first purchase

Use code WELCOME15 for 15% off first purchase