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Cyclical Living Journal Prompts: for when you're feeling low

Cyclical Living Journal Prompts: for when you're feeling low - The Sabi

It’s common to feel low during the menstrual cycle’s luteal phase, which takes place after ovulation and typically lasts between 11 and 17 days. While it can feel unsettling to face a stretch of emotional turmoil, it’s worth recognizing that it’s entirely natural. You’re not alone in the irritability, mood swings, and symptoms of anxiety or depression that might come leading up to your period –– or in general.

Additionally, while troubling emotions feel less than desirable, they’re worth leaning into rather than fighting against, and putting pen to paper poses a great way to do just that. It can feel tough to muster the motivation to journal, but introspecting and articulating what you feel builds up your relationship with yourself little by little and often yields some level of immediate relief. Taking uncomfortable thoughts and feelings to your journal also embraces cyclical living and nourishes the body’s natural rhythm –– for more on that, we recommend diving into work by Maisie Hill and Alissa Vitti, which you can discover in The SABI’s Resources Library

For when you’re feeling off — and we all have those moments — it might serve to explore the prompts below: 

  • What am I feeling? It’s a question that might seem elementary, but in reality, you’re never too mature to practice naming your emotions. Plus, the more you’re able to identify with confidence, the more energy you can devote towards noticing patterns and finding out what makes you feel lighter. 

  • Why do I feel the way I feel? Reflecting on when and how you arrived at your current state can help to make sense of tricky emotions. Plus, when we’re already feeling low, we’re fragile, and little things that might not normally upset us might feel fuller in force –– this prompt might lead you to recognize the scale of your situation. Follow-up questions like When was the last time I felt this way? might also help. Are you experiencing the culmination of some recurring issue? Even if not, is it worth the dwelling? 

  • What good did I encounter today? There’s always something, even if it’s microscopic — the sun was out all day, your coffee tasted perfect, or you finished a crossword that previously felt impossible. When you’re feeling down, making an effort to channel gloom towards gratitude reminds you even just slightly that your life isn’t fatally negative.

  • What makes me feel like myself? When do I feel energized and whole? This question is helpful to return to when you’re in the heat of feeling great — entries like that can function as references for low-you to look to for hope or reassurance that your lull is finite and restoration is ahead. You might also come up with readily-accessible activities or small habits that you can consult right away to feel uplifted. Follow-up prompts here: Record a breakdown of a great day you once had. Or, Create an itinerary for an ideal day. There’s no pressure to get actionable — journaling is a stride in itself — but you might end up feeling inspired to pull yourself into joy or routine. 

  • A reminder, too: You don’t need an actual journal or notebook to dive into these prompts. Any paper you can find and whichever writing utensil you have on hand will do the trick. It costs nothing to record your thoughts and nurture what you’re feeling. Another reminder: For when it feels helpful to look outward for help, The SABI’s Conscious Collective is always there for you with compassion and guidance during tough patches and beyond. 

    All in all, any kind of journaling is positive and brings you closer to peace. We hope you feel encouraged to show up for yourself, even if it looks small. 

    Eva Berezovsky is a writer and multi-disciplinary creative with a background in art organizations and editorial spaces. Holding a degree in Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature, she's fueled by vessels of storytelling, cultural portraiture, and the intersection of text, image, and identity. 

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    Use code WELCOME15 for 15% off first purchase

    Use code WELCOME15 for 15% off first purchase