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Healing Support: Cucumber Basil Green Smoothie

Healing Support: Cucumber Basil Green Smoothie - The Sabi

Image by: Victoria Alexandrova

This little tropical-tasting powerhouse smoothie features fresh herbs, pineapple and beauty lover cucumber. Cucumbers are less loved than they should be. We tend to relegate them to the world of crudité and salad toppers, but they can be much more. It is bursting with minerals, like silica and folic acid for great hair and nails.  

The anti-inflammatory (anti-bruising) properties of pineapple and the relatively high vitamin K content of cucumber support blood clotting, which make this smoothie an excellent choice for new mums post-caesarian and post-surgery in general. 

It boosts hydration with a good electrolyte balance and supports our connective tissues like joints and ligaments. All these properties make for a stellar pre- or post-workout smoothie and hangover helper. 

In terms of non-natural beauty, upping your cucumber and pineapple intake pre and post-any injection or skin treatment like botox or micro-needling is a good idea along with reducing blood thinners like alcohol, aspirin, ibuprofen and caffeine.

Bottoms up! 


Serves: 1
Time: 5 mins


1/2 English cucumber, washed and chopped roughly
1 large handful spinach, kale or gentle lettuce like butter or baby greens (avoid peppery greens like rucola, or rocket as they say in the UK) 
1 small handful frozen pineapple
6-8 leaves sweet basil
Juice of half a lime
250ml of fresh squeezed orange juice
150ml water


Normally recipes just say toss the ingredients in the blender until smooth, but I do feel there is an art in layering it. Pineapple goes first, then cucumber, spinach and basil, so the frozen fruit can mix smoothly with the greens. Pour in the liquids and squeeze of lime.

If your blender is not powerful enough to liquefy greens, try adding only half the liquid and blend a bit, then thin as needed until you get the consistency you want. Pour into a beautiful glass and enjoy. 

Bon appétit!


Hilary is the Co-Founder of the SABI, a Holistic Nutritionist, natural, whole foods Chef, product developer and advocate for women getting to know their bodies, cycles and selves better. Born in Los Angeles, California and raised in Baja California, Mexico, she now lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands with her partner and her dog, Flint.

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Use code WELCOME15 for 15% off first purchase

Use code WELCOME15 for 15% off first purchase