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Birth Control (we are working on Dutch content translation, please bear with us!)

The pill, along with the more widespread use of modern contraceptives is a powerful tool that has progressed the lives of two generations of women like never before. Birth control and family planning is a fundamental part of women’s right to control their bodies and a direct contributor to the speed of women entering the workforce in western developed nations during the 1960s and 1970s, as well as gaining better income opportunities and shifting gender roles in the home.  But, birth control is not all created equal. The hormonal versions, like the pill, hormonal patches, implants and IUD can have serious repercussions for many women, especially over years of use. If you have been wondering “what’s wrong with me?”, or struggling with libido issues, migraines, weight changes or mood issues, then maybe synthetic hormones are the problem. Read more here: