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Clean Beauty

SABI is a clean beauty company. Our products celebrate nature with honest, plant-based ingredients. They are 100% natural and free from any chemicals, parabens or other endocrine disruptors. We are committed to responsible, local sourcing, minimal packaging and going a step beyond carbon neutral for net positive impact.


We source our Herbatas from Tea People Trading in the UK, a certified social enterprise that actively improves the lives of tea-growing communities by investing in Education, Healthcare and the lives of women by empowering them to become self-sufficient through education, skills training and financial support to the most vulnerable within the tea-growing regions.


To make our beautiful, all natural products, SABI depends on conscious farmers and healthy soil. To this end, we donate 1% of our profits for the planet to restorative agriculture with the European soil science and ecosystem research foundation: Soil Heroes


Last year, 70% of our planet’s greenhouse gas emissions came from the Energy sector, 17% of which came from transportation. SABI is committed to limiting unnecessary energy expenditure through transport and shipping by crafting our products exclusively where we sell, in Europe. Additionally, we source over 80% of our supply chain from within Europe. 


Our skincare packaging is made of 40% post consumer recycled glass (the maximum possible we could find for MIRON coloured glass). Our Herbata infusion packaging is made from fully compostable dyes and FSC-certified paper. Our uniquely crafted tea bags are plastic free and commercially compostable. The small amount of plastic on our skincare pumps is recyclable.